How to look and sound great on Hopin in three steps


We’ve worked with hundreds of people in dozens of sectors and there is one common thread: few know how to look and sound great on a computer. 

We try to share three very easy ways to look and sound great no matter the platform – and one way very specific to Hopin.

  1. How to look good on a webcam

Always try to have your camera as close to eye level as possible. Have the light shining on your face – do not be back-lit. Think of a web camera like, well, a camera. You don’t take photos of your family with the sun right behind their head, it would look terrible. Well, get the light on your face not the back of your head – and get it raised a bit. That’s a really good start.

2. How to sound good online

We don’t know how to break it to you, but your computer’s microphone is (probably) pretty crappy. Ideally, you will wear headphones that allow you to hear what’s happening but also have an external microphone. Having an external microphone like this makes the experience better for you and for the audience. Yes, it might look weird but the audience will be able to hear you – and that’s the most important thing.

3. Turn off the event sound

If you are tuned into the Hopin event in which you are going to speak – it is essential [ESSENTIAL!] that you turn off the sound in the actual event. Here’s how: go to the Hopin event in which you are about to speak. On the bottom of the video player, there is a volume control. Click the volume control so it is muted. (Alternatively, when it is your time to present and you are firmly Backstage – just close that other window or tab.) If you do not do this – you will be perplexed as to you why you can hear yourself 10-15 seconds after you speak – and it isn’t pretty. Tune out the main stage – that’s the answer.

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